PM-500 Plastic Mill Machine

PM-500 Plastic Mill Machine
PM-500 Plastic Mill Machine
Product Description

PM-500 Plastic Pulverizer: PM-500 Plastic Pulverizer is a grinding disc shearing mill, and its working part consists of a high-speed rotating grinding disc and a fixed grinding disc.

PM-500 plastic pulverizer has the following advantages :

  • 1. The material passes through in a short time and generates less heat. This machine is the best grinding equipment for heat-sensitive materials such as PE.
  • 2. The gap between the grinding discs can be adjusted, which can easily control the number of discharge meshes.
  • 3. The grinding disc is made of high-quality mold steel, which can be re-grinded repeatedly.
  • 4. High output, low energy consumption, easy operation and so on.

The main parameters are as follows:

Grinding Motor Power

Suction Fan

Outlet Rotary Valve

Vibrating Screen

Disc Speed






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