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  1. 3D printer filament extruder machine

    3D Printer Filament Extruder Machine 3D printing technology has been applied in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, construction, engineering and construction,automobile, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information system, civil engineering, guns and other fields. Based on the analysis of the characteristics and performance of different structures of 3D printers and consumables, we have a clearer understanding of the working principle of 3D printers. We believe that plastic materials will remain the mainstream material for 3D printing for a long time. This mini 3D printing silk production line features automation, compact structure and small footprint.It uses ABS or PLA materials to make a series of diameter 3D printing silk to meet the needs of 3D printing.The diameter of the printed wire is 1.75mm and 3mm. Size:1600*550*1500mm Filament dia: 1.75mm/3mm etc Control system: PLC Screw: SJ25/28 single screw L/D: 28:1 Raw material: ABS PLA PETG PEEK ASA PP80%Carbon fiber20% PA etc.
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  2. waste XLPE cable Recycling Granule Production Line

    waste XLPE cable Recycling Granule Production Line XLPE double-stage granule Description: This water-cooling single screw plastic pellet making machine is two stage plastic regenerative pelletizer, which is suitable for many kinds plastic waste materials recycling and making pellet, such as XLPE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, PS, PP, PE,ABS Film and clean woven/nonwoven bag materials, etc. The film can be pressed in the compressor and then be pelletized. Process flow: Conveying feeding Metal detector Film Agglomerator /Compactor Degassing single screw extruder Hydraulic filer exchanger Mould headwater ring cutting Dewatering machine Air dryer Blowing system Storage hoper Finished product packing. detailed description of each item: 1. Conveyor: convey PP PE film or flakes into the compactor. 2. PE film Agglomerator /Compactor: crushing and compress film, and feed compressed film into extruder forced, to make the production capacity high and stable. 3. Extruding system: plasticizing material and exhausting gas. 4. High-speed Net exchanging system and Die-head: filter material impurity, to make production more stable. 5. water ring pelletizing machine: cutting pellets in water. 6. Water tank: cooling pellets. 7. Dewater machine: make pellets dry. 8. Vibration sieve: remove bad pellet and keep good pellet. 9. Air Blower: convey good pellets into the silo. 10: Storage silo: keep pellet. Equipment List: 1 Belt conveyor (can equip the metal detector ) 2 Agglomerator /Compactor machine 3 Extruder 4 Die head and screen changing device 5 Water ring cutter 6 Vibrating screen 7 Vertical dewatering machine 8 Air drying system 9 Cyclone hopper Features: 1. Allow free assembling of the screw component, based on raw material type. 2. Using the suitable die head for palletizing, such as water ring cutting, under-water cutting, and hot face cutting. 3. High efficient force feeder ensures stable high capacity material feeding, low power consumption. 4. Main screw has vacuum exhaustion. 5. Water ring granulator machine, attached with dryer. 6. Single screw extruder, with a specially designed screw, barrel, venting system, ensure the good quality of the final products. 7. Pelletizing style: standard cutting with extrusion mold. Even cutting ensures good shape.
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  3. waste refrigerator recycling separator production line

    WORKFLOW: 1.When the waste refrigerator (or freezer) is on the unpowered drum, disassembleit manually and remove the plastic and glass from the box. 2.According to different types of refrigerants, refrigerant recovery devices are usedto classify and recover refrigerants. Remove the compressor and condenser,etc. 3.The whole machine enters a double-shaft shredder for shredding and preliminarycrushing. 4.The materials enter the hammer crusher, and are crushed for the second timethrough crushing and kneading by the crusher. 5.At the same time of secondary crushing, part of polyurethane foam will beseparated into foam separator by air separation. Heavy materials such as plasticand metal enter the belt conveyor. 6.Materials crushed by plastic and metal are separated by magnetic separation onthe belt, and then enter eddy current separation. 7.Non-ferrous metals, such as copper and aluminum, are separated by eddycurrent,and plastic and foam materials are transported to the airflow separationsystem through belts to separate pure plastic and foam. Polyurethane foam iscompressed into blocks by a foam crusher.
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  4. E waste recycling plant

    PRODUCT APPLICATION: PCB recycling machine is used to recycle all kinds of Printed Circuit boards, such as the computer boards, cell phone boards, TV boards, copper-clad laminate, and other household appliances, and the separation of leftover material of the mixed metal and nonmetal materials. FINAL PRODUCTS: Because of the high value of the metals, fiber and resin, there is no doubt that this plant not only help to change waste into treasure, but also bring great economic benefits.Through years of practice and theoretical analysis, we obtain the best separation result, the separating purity can be reached to 99%. PRODUCT STRUCTURE: The production line consists of shredding system, milling system, sorting system and dust collection system. The whole process is controlled by PLC.Through shredding, grinding, vibration screening, (the incompletely separated metal and nonmetal will reentry into the grinding machine to be grinded again) gravity separating, electrostatic separating and pulse dust collecting, the metal and nonmetal will reach about 99% of separation, eventually get metal and non-metallic collective, and the valuable components after dismantling machine can also be recycled refined. PROCESS DESCRIPTION: The first crushing machine we choose the double shafts shredder, and the second crushing machine we use the hammer crusher, and the third crushing machine we use the high speed turbine grinding machine, the material after shredding, crushing and grinding will be separated by the air separator and the electrostatic separator .It has the advantages of unique structure, large output and power saving. Several machines cooperation work after single loading of materials. Controlled by PLC This machine has good performance in copper recycling and comes with a device to prevent against secondary pollution The metal recycling rate is up to 99% which is the only in china. PRODUCT FEATURE 1. Suitable structure and layout, stable performance and low noise. 2. PLC system makes it easier to control the whole line. 3. Recycling water is used to control temperature and reduce noise in the grinder. 4. The negative pressure feeding system prevent the dust from running out. 5. The separation rate of air separator can reach 97%. 6.The separation rate of pulse dust cleaning device can reach 99%. 7.Electrostatic separator makes higher and quicker separation, moreover gets more non-ferrous metal. 8. With the magnetic separator, the iron can be separated from other metals.
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